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Customizable Looks
ALPHA-store has a simple but powerful and intuitive interface and provides
high-end ecommerce features  Each store is unique in presentation of each
vendors products to the marketplace.The look of each store is customizable

Database Oriented
ALPHA-store is built such that it keeps product and sales information in
databases. Change the price of a product in the database and it will
automatically regenerate HTML. The store also integrates cgi scripts into
the site, such as a shopping basket and visitor statistics, so you can take
advantage of them without being a techno-geek.

Unlimited Products.
ALPHA -store allows the merchant to place unlimited products in his store.
for practical reasons however it is recommended that the merchant restrict
the number of products to approx.2000

Remote Management
Storefronts and catalogs can be maintained from anywhere on the Internet.

Unlimited Shoppers
ALPHA-store does not limit the number of customers who may access, use,
or purchase from an online store. For all practical purposes, there may be
an unlimited number of concurrent users in any shopping activity.

Media Library
ALPHA-store supports the use of Graphics, sounds, movies, or other media
materials easily.View, name, and set up media (including graphics, sounds,
or movies) in the Media Manager.

Global Settings
Ability to add your own company logo and phone number at the bottom of
each page and to add a special icon on the final "Thank You" page that
links the shopper back to your Store or a Web page of your choice.

Shopper Security
Secure Credit Card Handling. The system takes advantage of Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) security, protecting both shoppers and merchants
while sensitive information is in transit over the Internet. Credit card
numbers are then encrypted when stored on the server.

E-Mail Order Notification
Placing an order immediately triggers an email receipt to the customer
confirming the order, and an email to the merchant, so he is instantly notified
when sales are made, without having to enter the back office of the store.

On-Line Order Tracking
Orders are stored online for merchant reference as long as necessary.
Viewing and deleting orders takes place within the back office.

Shopping Basket
Allows customers to place orders online, in a secure, easy, and fast
environment. the store basket uses a unique cookies/IP combination
tracking system.

Credit Card Screening
Support for First Virtual, an affordable, automated credit card clearing
system for price-sensitive merchants is available.

Shipping and Handling Calculation
Merchants can set their own prices for shipping and tax, and decide which
credit cards (or other forms of payment) they want. Currently 25 different
tax rates can be set by the user.

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